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Enorossi Small Square Baler- Enopack

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ENO PACK 900 Enorossi Small Square Baler- Enopack $49,500.00

Enorossi Balers are used to compress a cut and raked crop (such as hay, cotton, flax straw, salt marsh hay, or silage) into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store.


ENO PACK 900: Enorossi Small Square Baler- Enopack - $49,500.00 inc GST
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Available with pickup from your nearest Clark Farm Equipment branch!

Our rectangular balers are machines easy to use and ideal for small and medium-sized farm users and contractors. They come with double twine binding, they produce dense and well-shaped balers preserving forage qualities and meet the specific requirements for animal feeding. The ENOPACK 900 model has both chain and cardan shaft transmission. All machines are provided with light kit for road circulation. Grease lubricated knotter.

More productivity and less time wasting. Using the hydraulic pick up lifting, you can adjust the height adapting it to the soil’s conditions and you do not have to get off the tractor. So, you will save time and gain ease of use. All machines are standard equipped with bale counter.

The bale density can be adjusted manually by using two adjusting springs, this allows the operator to choose the pressure on the product depending on its needs and then to reach the bale weight needed.



Model: ENOPACK 900
Chamber Size: 36×46 cm. / 14.2×18.1 in.
Ram Stroke: 93/min
Picking Width:  180 cm. / 71 in.
Two Twine Binder: STD
Lubrication oil system for binder: Optional
Bale counter: STD
Weight: 2100 Kg. / 4620 Lbs

* Recommended H/P

35 H/P would be the lowest we recommend on flat land only.
40-60 H/P to be comfortable but factors can impact recommendation incuding weight of the tractor and the type of land that you have.

Please call us if you are unsure: 1800 648 384


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Enorossi Enopack

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Enopack 900

Enorossi Enopack 900 Small Square Baler

ENO PACK 900: Enorossi Small Square Baler- Enopack

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