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Zon Package Deal (Gun, Tripod & GT300 Timer)

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The Zon Mark 4 is the most user-friendly propane cannon in the world, full mechanical operation. Suitable for birds and kangaroos.


Zon Mark 4 is the most user-friendly propane cannon in the world, full mechanical operation. Suitable for birds and kangaroos.

  • Approx. 17,000 detonations from a 20ld LPG tank
  • Blast volume up to 125db
  • Blast volume adjustable by telescopic inner barrel
  • 1-shot device
  • Interval between shots infinitely adjustable from approx. 30 seconds to approx. 30 minutes.
  • Piezo electronic ignition for up to 100,000 detonations.
  • Very easy to maintain, with only a few moving parts
  • Very effective and inexpensive.

Comes with Tripod and GT300 Timer

You can mount the Zon Scare Gun Mark 4 on the tripod giving greater coverage by having it off the ground. By adding the deflector which means each detonation is coming from a different direction.

  • Turns 40-60 deg at each detonation
  • 360 deg range
  • Greater coverage by placing in the middle of the area.
  • Adjustable legs for level and stable placement.

The Zon Scare Gun GT300 Timer is a simple on/off timer that you can set when crops are at their most vulnerable

  • Runs a full season on 1 AA battery
  • For mechanical LPG cannon
  • Controlled by high quality quartz movement
  • Moisture and dust protective case.
  • Battery operated (no winding).
  • One AA battery powers the timer for an entire season.
  • Automatically starts and stops operation of the propane cannon each day at your specified time (minimum 10 hours, maximum 18 hours).
  • Lightweight, weighs about 13 ounces.
  • Can be used with cannon on stand or rotating tripod.
  • Enclosed in weather tight, lightweight plastic box.


Crops and fruits orchards damaged by marauding birds can be controlled by strategic placements of ZON Guns. The effective operating radius ranges from 1 to 5 acres, depending upon the shape and topography of the field. 
Bird hazard and nuisance in critical areas such as airports, seaports, rocket bases, etc, can be controlled with ZON Gun placements. 
Predator and Wildlife Control
Birds (Cockatoos, Ducks), Kangaroos etc.

Package includes:

1 X Zon Mark 4 Gun

1 X Tripod

1 X GT300 Timer



Zon Scare Gun - Setup and Operation

Clark Farm Equipment gives a brief overview on how to best set up and operate the Zon Bird Scare Gun.

ZONPACKAGE: Zon Package Deal (Gun, Tripod & GT300 Timer)

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