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Enorossi Easy Rake, Pull Type V Rake

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ER-10 Enorossi Easy Rake, Pull Type V Rake - V10 $28,050.00
ER-12 Enorossi Easy Rake, Pull Type V Rake - V12 $29,150.00
ER-14 Enorossi Easy Rake, Pull Type V Rake - V14 $33,550.00

The articulated frame and independent raking wheel allow the rake to adapt to the most varied working conditions. Hydraulic opening and closing. Automatic closing device with mechanical locks. Mechanical windrow width adjuster. Comes with Centre/Kicker.


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IDEAL FOR : Working on all types of terrain. 

DESCRIPTION : The Easy Rake pull type V rake has been designed with many technological innovations that are unique to the market and aimed at improving operator productivity. The two sides are independent from one another, allowing the V rake to operate just on one side. Simple swath adjustment is obtained by using bushings system. Heavy tubing that make up the rake’s main frames are the heaviest in the industry; built to hold up for years. The width of the windrow can be adjusted by moving the raking wheel arms to the various adjacent bush positions. The articulated frame and the independent raking wheels allow the V rake to adapt to the most varied working conditions. Possibility of inserting the hydraulic kicker wheel for moving the forage in the central zone. 

Centrally mounted pivoting points give the V rake the ability to “float” over uneven terrain without stressing the frame.
Two central raking wheels with hydraulic lift device can be provided upon request.
Raking wheel 140 cm. Ø with tooth 6,9 mm. Ø.
The automatic hooking system allows making all operations without leaving the tractor seat.

OPTIONAL : The autosteer system allows the machines to work with ease in small plots and the shock absorbers ensure shock-free operations on uneven terrain.

An innovative and ergonomic solution: Enoagricola Rossi was the first company to develop, build, and apply the auto-steering system to finger wheel rakes. The auto-steering system is a closed hydraulic system made up of hydraulic hoses and two cylinders, one situated on the two-point hitch of the rake and the other on the rear crossbar. This technical innovation enables the V rake to steer itself independently, following the path of the tractor, and thus do right-angle turns and maneuver easily in very tight spaces. The system will hydraulically pivot the rear wheels during turns to allow the operator to turn sharply in fields. Optional hydraulically controlled center double kicker wheel assembly and wind guards are also available. The system can be applied to both the Easy Rake and the Easy Rake Superstar V rakes.


  • Frames made of FE 510 steel.
  • Side frames assembled on pivoting points, for optimal ground adaptation.
  • Lateral frame sections 120 mm x 120 mm, 4 mm thickness.
  • Double frame pull bar.
  • Raking wheels made of C85 heat tempered steel to ensure stability and durability over time.
  • Raking wheels with central flange Ø 3,5 mm, n° 40 teeth.
  • Tires tubeless 205.70/15.
  • Raking wheels hubs made of spheroidal cast iron with grease zerk.
  • Rake wheel arms with spring and chain to adjust the ground pressure.
  • Hydraulic device for lifting and lowering the raking wheels.
  • Hydraulic opening and closing device with block valve to adjust the working width.
  • Windrow width adjustment with bushings (from 90 cm. to 130 cm.).
  • Hydraulically controlled double center kicker wheel.


Easy Rake V10:

  • Working Width 630cm
  • Wheels: 4
  • Weight: 1300kg

Easy Rake V12:

  • Working Width 740cm/24ft
  • Wheels: 4
  • Transport Width: 244cm/8ft
  • Transport Length: 940cm/31ft
  • Weight: 1380kg

Easy Rake V14:

  • Working Width 830cm/27ft
  • Wheels: 6
  • Transport Width: 244cm/8ft
  • Transport Length: 940cm/31ft
  • Weight: 1380kg

To ensure stock availability on this item, or to request a freight quote please call 1800 648 384 before purchasing. 

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Enorossi Easy Rake Pull Type V Rake

Enorossi Easy Rake Pull Type V Rake


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