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Doosan SD200

The SD200 ensures an optimal level of productivity on investment for customers.


The Doosan SD200 wheel loader ensures an optimal level of productivity on investment for customers who are looking for a machine to use in job sites under less harsh conditions.

Relying on our many decades of expertise and advanced RG (Reliability Growth) processes, Doosan have perfectly tested the service life of all major parts and equipment items from design to pre-production before rolling them out.

The SD200 boasts strong breakout force and tractive force, reflecting excellent performance in many working environments. It's streamlined appearance and wide operating room also represents the international brand styling.

It offers noise reduction technology in line with international standards, providing the operator with physical and mental protection, while bolstering work efficiency.

Fitted with an industry leading cooling system, the SD200 is guaranteed for continuous and uninterrupted work under high temperatures. It's top-end technology also ensures a more reliable, durable and efficient device.


Doosan DISD Wheel Loaders

Doosan is serving diverse customer needs in markets all over the world. The Doosan DISD Wheel Loaders are designed by highly-skilled engineers and are manufactured by Doosan.

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