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Manure management on small properties

Written by: Clark Farm Equipment
Posted on: 2 Apr 2019
Topic: General Articles

Manure management on small properties is important to prevent fly and worm breeding, maintain pasture condition, prevent the eutrophication of nearby waterbodies and minimise unpleasant odours.

Manure is an excellent breeding ground for parasites, particularly blood sucking flies and intestinal worms. Horses and cattle will avoid areas with manure to minimize parasites, this will reduce your grazing area.

An effective method to combat against parasites is by running a pasture harrow over the manure while it’s still moist so it’s broken into small clumps. This is best performed before forecasted hot, dry conditions. The larvae will dry out in the sun and die.

Avoid spreading the manure into clean areas so weed seeds in the manure doesn’t spread too far, and avoid spreading it near water ways to prevent water contamination.

Manure is a rich source of nutrients, it can contribute towards to eutrophication in water bodies, by leaching or runoff. A 450kg horse’s manure is capable of maintaining the fertility of a 1-2ha paddock for a year. The manure can contain 50kg of nitrogen, 40kg of potassium, 5-10kg phosphorous, 45kg calcium, 8kg magnesium and 8kg sulphur.

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