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AgQuip's innovation focus

Written by: The Land
Posted on: 1 Aug 2016
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AgQuip's innovation focus

INNOVATIONS from the rural sector will be a feature of this year’s Commonwealth Bank AgQuip, with companies lining up to launch their latest products at the event.

The one-stop shop, which is expected to attract more than 100,000 visitors over three days, has become an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase new products on the market direct to the customer.

The event allows farmers to compare the work of manufacturers, making it easy to find the product that suits their operation. 

Being able to talk to a company or manufacturer in person is what makes AgQuip such a valuable business tool for farmers and people in the wider agricultural industry, according to Fairfax Rural Events group manager Kate Nugent.

Innovation has been a focus for many years, with companies providing new ways for farmers to deal with changing environments, technology, and market trends.

“We ourselves strive every year to find better and more efficient ways for our exhibitors to meet the needs of their customers, and every year we get more and more companies wanting to be a part of this exciting commercial agri-expo,” Ms Nugent said.

Widespread rain across the state could boost buyer confidence, with some farmers looking to upgrade machinery and infrastructure for the first time in many years.

Record cattle prices are also expected to improve sales of cattle handling and fencing equipment.

Ms Nugent said there was a positive feeling prior to this year’s field days.

“We don’t want to underplay the difficulties many farmers face on a day-to-day basis, but, like everyone else, we’re delighted when good rains come at the right time for winter crops.”

AgQuip 2016 will include more than 3000 exhibitors for what has become the largest rural supermarket in the country.

AgQuip began in 1973 with just 63 exhibitors, attracting about 40,000 people.

Ms Nugent said the event had grown with developments in agricultural industries, playing a vital role in the operation of thousands of farms in Australia over the past 44 years.

International companies have been involved for the past 30 years, with Canadian machinery being the first international products on show.

AgQuip 2016 will include companies from the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States, along with 30 exhibitors from China. 

“Even when things are really tough, Commonwealth Bank AgQuip has been there as a place farmers can come to get the very best, the most cost-efficient machinery, equipment and advice so they themselves can be more efficient,” she said.

“And, of course, Australian farmers are renowned as being among the most productive and cost efficient in the world.”

Come see us at AgQuip, Gunnedah!
16th - 18th August
We will be located at Site M-N4 to 8

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