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Christmas Foods and Items Toxic To Pets

Written by: Clark Farm Equipment
Posted on: 24 Dec 2019
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Christmas Foods and Items Toxic To Pets

With Christmas here tomorrow, it's time to remember what can be toxic to your furry family members. Toxic foods and items include:

  • Meats - Ham and fatty offcuts can cause pancreatitis when digested by dogs due to an overdose of fat.
  • Fruits and Nuts - Grapes, sultanas and raisins can cause kidney failure in both cats and dogs. Macadamia nuts are also highly toxic to dogs.
  • Alcohol - Alcohol can poison the canine and feline body as it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Foods - Onion and garlic contain a toxin which can cause damage to your dogs blood cells.
  • Chocolate - Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine which are both toxic to dogs and cats. The toxicity of chocolate depends on your pets breed, weight, type of chocolate consumed and how dark the chocolate is. Dark chocolate passes a higher risk than milk chocolate.
  • Bones - Cooked bones can splinter easily and damage your cat or dogs throat and intestines.
  • Plants - The consumption of Christmas plants could result in illness or death.
  • Lollies - Lollies and even sugar-free sweets contain xylitol which is highly toxic to pets. Just a small amount can cause lethargy, loss of balance, permanent brain damage, liver failure and death.

If you suspect any form of poisoning in your pets this holiday season, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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